Ten Week Bucket List

It’s getting increasingly difficult to tick off the challenges from the Wales Online “100 Things To Do In Wales Before You Die” bucket list. Many of the ones I have left to do are in North Wales or are too expensive especially with Christmas creeping up. I’m starting to feel frustrated that I don’t have activities on the weekends to look forward to, so I have decided that in the meantime I will complete a set of mini challenges that can be completed by anyone, anywhere. Counting down the ten weeks to Christmas I’ll be ticking two of these off each week and welcome anyone to join me. Please tag me in on your photos on Instagram @100_things_to_do_in_wales and comment what you would add to this list.

1.     Do one hour of a physical activity that you have never tried before

2.     Hand write a letter to someone who has had a positive impact on your life and list all the things you admire about them

3.     Dedicate two hours of one day to learning a new skill. If you like it keep learning

4.     Make a Christmas pudding and make a wish when stirring it

5.     Pay for someone’s tea or coffee anonymously

6.     Buy an item of clothing from a charity shop that you wouldn’t normally wear and wear it

7.     Invite someone new to go for a drink/coffee

8.     Go skinny dipping

9.     Buy a book that you wouldn’t normally read from your local library – and read it

10.  Take a photo of something that you’re grateful for. Post it on Instagram and write the reasons why you’re grateful for it

11.  Go to a stand up comedy night

12.  Text every person in your contact list to ask how they are. If you don’t want to text them then delete the number

13.  Pay for someone’s parking

14.  Be a tourist in your own city. Visit the museums, art galleries and sights. Take photos and post your photos on Instagram.

15.  Learn a magic card trick and practice all week

16.  Watch a TED talk for one hour about something you had no idea about

17.  Apply to be an extra on a TV show

18.  Give blood

19.  Put a love lock on a bridge. It doesn’t have to be for a partner it just has to be someone you love

20.  Create a gift box for an elderly person in your neighbourhood and give it to them for Christmas

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