Review of Castle Hotel, Conwy

Castle Hotel, Conwy

If the Castle Hotel, Conwy is good enough for the Queen of Romania then its good enough for me.

Well there must have been a reason she stopped here, and I reckon it’s the food? Or maybe the luxury? Or perhaps the service? Granted the Queen I mention visited in 1890 but none of the standards have dropped. I thought I’d test them and turned up masking myself as the Queen of Wales, but they didn’t buy it. But guess who stayed in the very next room to me? You’ll never guess…. Fred Rodrigues, Manchester United and Brazilian footballer, and his fiancé. So not only is it good enough for royalty but footballers and WAGs stay here too.

The first I saw of them was over dinner in the hotel restaurant. This beautiful couple sat in a hidden area of the restaurant oozing glamour. I noted that she didn’t eat much which was a shame as the food was delicious, so I vowed to eat her share too, to make the chef feel his skills weren’t wasted. The trouble is that the food tastes so good you just can’t help wanting more. I’m going to recommend to you the Goats Cheese Mousse as a starter and the fillet of Sea Bass for the main. Try them and let me know what you think because it can’t just be me who thinks the Goats Cheese Mousse is sublime. The quality of the food is wonderful but so is the service of the staff. The waitresses willingly gave us their time to talk about the menu, wine list and hotel. I happened to mention that I’d never tried mussels before and how Conwy was famous for them and ten minutes later the chef had produced a small complimentary sample of their Conwy Estuary Mussels in a light white wine & cream sauce. How thoughtful was that!?!

Goats Cheese Mousse
Fillet of Sea Bass
Passion Fruit Panna Cotta

Thoughtful gestures sum up the Castle Hotel. It’s the little touches when you go away that make all the difference don’t they? Like the chocolate bars on the coffee table which greet you as you walk in. Forget the quality toiletries (which were provided) and the bottles of complimentary mineral water (also readily available): show me a chocolate bar and I’m anybody’s. Then there’s the fluffy bathrobes hanging seductively in the wardrobe. As I laid in the hot, deep bath I perused the recently renovated and tastefully decorated room and made a mental note to copy the style when I finally get around to painting my bathroom. That’s the trouble with luxury boutique hotels isn’t it? It’s so easy to get style envy. Not only do I want a fluffy bathrobe like this one, but the bed is so big even if I stretched like a star fish my toes couldn’t reach either side. At 5 foot 7 inches I bet Fred Rodrigues was thinking the same thing too.

Deluxe double bedroom which includes living area

If you can tear yourself away from the fluffy bath robe and ginormous bed you will find that the Castle Hotel is situated bang in the centre of the UNESCO world heritage town of Conwy. These walls once built to keep the Welsh out and the English in, are now accessible to everyone and you can walk on top of the walls all the way around the town. Stop to visit the Smallest House in the UK, Conwy Castle and if you’re ticking off challenges from the Wales Online ‘100 Things To Do In Wales Before You Die’ bucketlist, the Albion.

Bar area

Whilst I spotted all the above tourist attractions I failed to notice that the hotel has its own treatment room. Using products that are entirely paraben, sulphate and fragrance oil free and 100% vegetarian the treatments range from holistic therapies to nails and spray tans. Which is why I’m already booking another trip to the Castle Hotel, Conwy because being treated like the Queen of Romania really is quite addictive.


Castle Hotel, Conwy

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