Review of Nant DDu Lodge & Spa

As I continue with this challenge of visiting and reviewing all the spas in Wales, I have begun to recognise what makes a good spa experience. Which leads me onto the review of Nant DDu Lodge and Spa as this one firmly sits at the top of must visit spas in Wales.

Review of Mercure Holland House Hotel Spa

Climbing the spiral staircase from the changing rooms my pulse slows as I breathe in the scented air. The sound of the sea crashing against the rocks pours out of the speakers and lures me up and through the doors into the dimly lit corridor where candles flicker in the corners. Plants and fountains add … Continue reading Review of Mercure Holland House Hotel Spa

A Review of Celtic Manor’s Spa Day

What would you expect from a spa day? Welcoming staff who appreciate that you’re there to relax and want to help you do so? A quiet relaxing area to empty your mind? Perhaps you’d expect a dimmed treatment room, candles burning with essential oils and music lulling you into sleep, with a masseuse willing you to do so? Before Christmas I booked in for a day spa in Celtic Spa, Newport and having had the treatment I’m wondering whether I should recommend it.

Made in Wales – Christmas Gift List

Find that gift for the special person in your life from this list of products and experiences which have been made in Wales

Review of Castle Hotel, Conwy

Castle Hotel, Conwy If the Castle Hotel, Conwy is good enough for the Queen of Romania then its good enough for me. Well there must have been a reason she stopped here, and I reckon it’s the food? Or maybe the luxury? Or perhaps the service? Granted the Queen I mention visited in 1890 but … Continue reading Review of Castle Hotel, Conwy

Kick the Bar on Aberystwyth Promenade

Sit down. Close your eyes and listen to the waves crashing against the rocky shore. Smell the salty air and seaweed as you take that deep breath and relax. Aberystwyth in the summer is calm and unhurried. The students have left for the holidays and with them they have taken their timetables and their deadlines. … Continue reading Kick the Bar on Aberystwyth Promenade

Unearth the Past at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth

If your ancestors lived or died in Wales it is likely that a record of their life will be stored, and may even be accessible, in the National Library of Wales.  When I visited the library in 2018 I expected to be welcomed into the library and offered the opportunity to view a dozen or … Continue reading Unearth the Past at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth

10 Ways to Party in Cardiff with 0% Alcohol

Where do you go if you’re a tourist in Cardiff and want to have a fun night out without alcohol. I’ve compiled a list of ten cool places to go. Let me know what you think.  

Review of our stay in Cathedral Cottage, St Davids with St Davids Escapes

I don’t think it’s possible to appreciate the luxury of a boutique cottage without having first experienced camping out in a tent. As I enter Cathedral Cottage and stand in the warmth of the marble floored hallway it is this comparison with my last camping trip which springs to mind. It is pouring with rain, … Continue reading Review of our stay in Cathedral Cottage, St Davids with St Davids Escapes

Afternoon Tea Cardiff

Why take tea in a high street coffee chain when you can take afternoon tea in Future Inns, Cardiff for £12. Use code DINE for a 10% discount until 30th April 2019 (offer does not include Mother's Day)