A Review of Celtic Manor’s Spa Day

What would you expect from a spa day? Welcoming staff who appreciate that you’re there to relax and want to help you do so? A quiet relaxing area to empty your mind? Perhaps you’d expect a dimmed treatment room, candles burning with essential oils and music lulling you into sleep, with a masseuse willing you to do so? Before Christmas I booked in for a day spa in Celtic Spa, Newport and having had the treatment I’m wondering whether I should recommend it.

Review of Castle Hotel, Conwy

Castle Hotel, Conwy If the Castle Hotel, Conwy is good enough for the Queen of Romania then its good enough for me. Well there must have been a reason she stopped here, and I reckon it’s the food? Or maybe the luxury? Or perhaps the service? Granted the Queen I mention visited in 1890 but … Continue reading Review of Castle Hotel, Conwy